April 29, 2017

Storms Were More Bark Than Bite

The storms last night ended up barking more than it bit. The radar showed it could be a bad one but we ended up with a .8" of rain. It sounds like everything was once again, north or south of us.

I guess it was fortunate a few years ago the farmers installed some huge drainage pipes across the low part of their field. Basically from left to right across the middle of the picture. The local tv weatherman said last night the rain coming down at a rate of 9" per hour.

This is what happens when your gutters are clear and cleaned but there is more rain than gutter space available.

The space below that overflowing gutter caught all of the excess and more.

By this morning with a night full of storms, it had been absorbed into the ground.

All three hounds did take their first walks of the day while I poured their breakfast kibble. Based on the the wet fur on top of them, they did venture out into the rain to dump their tanks. A few hours later they both went back outside to check the chances of a morning walk.

They called it off and came back to stand inside the carport looking to see how long this misery was going to last.

Even though I had cleaned the gutters just a few weeks ago, preparing for the spring rains that had not come yet, I saw this within minutes of the Friday night storms.

I knew exactly what the problem was and it would be an easy fix as long as it would stop raining long enough for me to reach over the gutter and remove some of whatever it was blocking the wire mesh that blocks every thing but water at the downspout.

It couldn't have been leaves, maybe a twig but by the way this looked it had to be wet leaves??

The rain did not complete stop but it slowed enough for me to pull out the 3-step ladder and reach up into the gutter near the downspout to feel liquid mud. I didn't look to see what it was but moved it around out of eyesight range enough to unblock the plug and instantly hear a large amount of water flowing into the downspout.

Supposedly these storms are going to continue through the weekend and into Monday. Of course living in Indiana, those forecasts can change every hour, so Sadie's day may turn out okay after all.

Let's just say that she has not been a happy camper this morning. Stella has been the perfect bloodhound during last night storms. With a warning when I picked her up that she hated thunder and lightning, once again she has not shown any of that fear or anxiety.

There was a lot of loud thunder and a lot of bright lightning all through the night ... but to me that is just perfect sleeping weather. The new HughesNet Gen5 only lost signal once and that was when the house power flashed off and on Friday night. Soon after that computer rebooted and the signal was found, that speed was still at 48Mbsp.

I had a huge urge to drive to the local Best Buy store 25 miles away yesterday. I got the hounds ready for my departure, changed some clothes for me, grabbed the keys and was about a step from the door ... when I changed my mind. I couldn't believe I didn't feel like spending money in a place like that.

After more internet research I have found that my Epson NX420 printer/scanner does not print temporarily in black if one of the color inks are low or out, as advertised. I still do as much as I can digital and even have my auto insurance cards in my iPhone instead of a printout but I would still like a hard copy of my 2016 Federal and State Taxes just for a piece of mind.

Strange how that works. Never in my life have I ever needed a printout of my taxes but still think I need to print a copy out for my files. Sure the computer could break at any moment but I have everything backed up on an external drive and a different laptop to connect to if I lost the services of my iMac.

So, why do I need a hard copy of taxes?

I did find a nice Epson scanner, at a good price, in stock that not only scans documents and photos but 35mm negatives, 110 negatives and slides of each size. I have thousands of those slides and negatives if I add up all the different kinds.

Sometime I would like to make a digital copy of my 1976 Cross Country bicycle trip journal along with the pictures I took. Some of those are hard copy photos and others are negatives.

I have a lot of great 35mm slides taken over two decades but only a few were processed into pictures.

So once again today I have the urge for a roadtrip to Best Buy to pick up that scanner, plus buy the Epson #124 or #125 Cyan ink cartridge, so I can print in black only ... that would also get out of the house. I need to get a life sometime as others have told me.  LOL

Well the sun is trying to break through the skies. Wunderground shows all of that 100% chance of rain has dropped to 25% until midnight. Sadie does not know it yet but a walk MIGHT be possible later this afternoon as long as it does not rain this afternoon.

Changed the roadtrip plans to Rounds 4-7 of the NFL draft here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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