April 26, 2017

Sadie Tracks & Stella Wanders

With overcast skies, a strong breeze whipping through the house from the southwest, it was time for the first walk of the day. Sadie locked into a scent and took off, while Stella wandered on her own.

I am going to attempt to write content under the picture instead of above the picture like I have the past year or so. It's interesting to see just how hard it is to adjust on something so simple.

I wish I would have had my camera ready to take the quick movement of Sadie hopping out of those bushes into a full out sprint.

By the time I was able to focus and click the shutter she was halfway down the path. ALL of these pictures of her took less than one minute of time.

I think the scent she locked into was from the large birds (hawks) that I see sometime taking off from a sitting position, hidden in the tall grass as Sadie approaches. I did not see any birds go airborne but it seems more like a bird scent rather than a deer scent.

I decided from the start of the walk I'd let Stella do anything she wanted today, even if I had to get her out of the neighbors yard on the way back. I did not have to do that but she was in that area and a little too close to the road for my comfort.

I barely saw her as I glanced in this area to see if she might be there. I immediately zoomed in for a better view and that is the first picture of her above this one.

She was wagging her tail a little with her head to the ground and moved quickly in each direction. I was happy to see her in this location rather than the neighbor's yard or small wooded area.

She obviously had found something and not too close to the highway. It's hard to tell but she is farther back from the road than my backyard.

It was at this point in time I sent Sadie out on a "Search and Rescue" (SAR) mission.

Sadie and I walked over to her and told her "let's go home" and she followed with Sadie behind me, too close for any pictures. She seems to be much better today than she was on Friday and over the weekend.

Now that the sunshine is out at this point of the post, I'll be outside this morning reading while I do a small load of laundry ... as long as the gnats stay away. Otherwise, I'll do my waiting for laundry to finish reading inside.

The little voice in my head is screaming "dust the house today" ... I still have not found the house 'to do' list ... maybe l like doing those kind of things in 80°- 90° weather where it is much more uncomfortable and miserable, rather than finish the list of tasks while the temps are bearable.

Too much procrastination going on right now.

I hear the birds, see the sunshine, and hear Sadie snoring, so all is good this morning here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana

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