September 10, 2016

A Typical Fall Saturday

The rains didn't show up in force like predicted. It rained a little but not a lot as every thing blew northwest of us.

That did not change the daily routine of the hounds though. We even got a evening walk in without taking the camera last night. Due to the time of day I was a little concerned about deer showing up and didn't have the time to let the hounds chase any deer if some showed up.

With each day, colors are changing. By then end of the month that field will be harvested, the corn in the back field will be picked and all the leaves along my driveway will be yellows and reds. It's hard to believe summer is over ... doesn't feel it lasted long.

The hounds didn't do much first time out this morning. They usually explore the yard a little, and go into the field long enough to dump their tanks and then will be trotting back to the house to nap and for me to drink coffee.

That's a pretty tough life ... lol

After 5 hours of football we were able to get our daily walk in during the halftime of the IU game. It was perfect timing and by the time we returned, they were starting to play again.

Our path this year is not straight. I walk around the flowers, the hounds walk through them but rarely do any get mashed to the ground.

Pretty windy today during the walk and the hound were off in their own separate world.

I am not sure what this is but it's the first time I've seen this kind of tree have that kind of growth.

Stella stayed on our path on the way home but you can see with the overgrowth the path is hard to see. She was taking it pretty easy even in the cooler temps of the 70's.

Slowly but surely she made it home.

I am still very pleased with the new Tamron lens I bought. Back to watching more football as some new games have just started. The Oregon game is not starting until 10:30pm my time, so it will be another late night.

Typical fall Saturday here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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