September 12, 2016

Hounds Enjoy The Cooler Temps

The problem with a habit forming of staying up extremely late (3-4am) every night is your sleeping patterns change ... not for the better.

Now that that my photo project is over and some changes have been made, I'll get back to my regular sleeping schedule and the hounds will find me up earlier than I've been waking up lately. Today was out of the ordinary and it threw our whole day off.

Where Sadie knows what she is going to do (exploring) as soon as her feet touch the yard every morning, Stella likes to sit and think about her schedule for that day or maybe even her week. She is never in a hurry ... unless she finds deer to chase.

One thing that all three hounds like is the cooler temps recently. Today was the first day in months, that an AC or a fan was not running in the background. With all of the windows open and a slight breeze filling the house, this could be  possibly my favorite time of year ... minus the increased allergies.

Although we started our day extremely later than normal, Sadie and Stella's routine was not changed. A quick trip to the field and then they check out the yard for any new or routine animals that may have passed through the yard while they slept.

It wasn't long before they headed back to the house where I start my medication of two strong cups of coffee while reading on the internet and they nap until lunch.

Lunch was not served until later this afternoon but they ate it just as fast as they always do. To them it doesn't matter what it is or when it is, it's food (kibble) and they love it. It's gone in less than one minute.

I mentioned yesterday that within 12-20 hours the 'flowered weeds' are starting to die out. Today around 1pm when we took our first walk, there was even more evidence of that happening than yesterday. The white flower did make a comeback today.

Here is an example of the flowers dying out fairly quickly ... purple yesterday and dying today.

Stella is a funny hound with a great personality. I am not sure what caused her to stop and sit to smell the air but she did. Was it something in the trees that captured her interest or something in the air that she had to take time to process?

She was everywhere on her walk this morning, covering a wide range of area and going from a slow walk to a run to catch up to Sadie.

By the time I made the first turn they were both already at the back of the field, just like the past couple of walks.

They were not interested or not finding a lot of stuff to eat but spending most of their time checking out the scents without staying in one spot very long.

Out of all the greens and purples, this reddish leaf stood out from a long distance away.

Stella is on the right and actually following the worn path I take every day yet with all the overgrowth you can't see a path is there. It's like that the whole way.

Still having their noses to the ground throughout most of the walk. It must be bad to have a nose so strong. I wonder if all the smells drive them nuts like when my allergies bother me?

We didn't do much all day, just hanging out. The hounds had their normal routine of a lot of sleeping between walks and eating.

You can tell the angle of the sun is changing with a shaded backyard later in the afternoon. As you can see by the shoes and socks it was a wet walk today, even at 1pm.

Heidi made her appearance outside today. Where yesterday she wanted to spend all day laying in the sun, today she just wanted to stay out long enough to dump her tanks and head back inside. She likes to rotate between the couch and my bed ... with either place she loves having the windows open.

We will probably head out later for that afternoon walk. I'll post all of the walk photos on my WordPress blog that is listed on the left sidebar of this blog. For those that have not visited that blog, I firmly believe the photo quality is much better than what is on Blogger.

The plan tonight is to watch Monday Night Football but a change after the game for me ... no computer, I will read a book, in hopes that will make me sleepy enough to get to bed at a decent hour, thus returning to a normal schedule.  (I just found out there are TWO NFL games on back to back tonight for Monday Night Football, so the new sleeping schedule will start on Tuesday night)

Another beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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