September 03, 2016

Football And Google Photos

Even with a beautiful day outside today, it's been nothing but watching football starting at noon. I am kind of in between games right now, so I have time to blog and we also fit in a hound walk.

From midnight to 4am last night I was reading about and working with Google Photos, for an online free photo backup service. By 3:30am I decided I was not going to use it and spent the next 30 minutes adjusting settings and deleting apps along with over a 1,000 photos I had uploaded.

By this morning I was doing more reading and seeing a lot of the computer experts were recommending Google Photos as the best way to back up your photos online for free. I was a lot like Stella below ... I couldn't make up my mind.

CNET recommended it, some of the bloggers for Apple Mac computers also recommended it so by 11am this morning I was reloading the apps, adjusting the settings and uploading photos. I did over a 1,000 this morning but have hundreds of thousands of photos to go.

Soon after the hounds had their lunch it was time for football. It takes too much data to upload photos during the day and night before midnight. I have to watch my data pretty close because with satellite internet service I only get 15gb per month or $10 per gig after that, if I chose to buy more data. One of the disadvantages of living in a rural area, is the choice of your internet provider.

Soon after the 3:30 games were over, the hounds and I took off for an afternoon walk. While carrying the 55-200mm lens and the hounds staying pretty close to me, I didn't get a lot of photos on the walk ... they were too close to the camera.

Temps have risen a few degrees, at least Stella acted like it was warmer. She not only walked slowly outside but would pant inside, which means she wants the AC turned on. After it's turned on, she will lay down and sleep but not until then.

Sadie walked right behind me most of the way home, so out of photo range.

After the football games are over tonight I will be back on the computer working with Google Photos and taking advantage of my free data between midnight and 5am. I don't plan on staying up that late but I'll be uploading photos at least until 3am.

I'll discuss what I have found out about Google Photos tomorrow in it's separate blog post. I will say the quality of the compressed files are good, the photos do load fairly quickly.

The main thing is ... it does not use hard drive space nor space on your phone or tablet. Since it is a website within your google email account and password protected, you can access all the photos you are backing up from all the different devices have you have. All of them synchronize the photos very well. They will also load automatically based on the way you adjust your settings.

More tomorrow ... football season has arrived for this sports addict in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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