September 01, 2016

The Hounds Get Two Today

 I'm not really sure why but I think it started yesterday when I thought it was Thursday but it was only Wednesday. Maybe it's because the 1st was on Thursday or because of the football schedule on tv.

Being retired I have found one of the nice benefits is losing track of what day it is. Everyday is a 'weekend' ... I love it. Add some great weather today, and I could already see it was going to be a day of two hound walks.

We did our first walk of the day at 5 minutes until 1pm. Temps were in the mid 70's, and there wasn't any humidity that I could feel. The hounds trotted out in front of me from the very start.

Sometimes the hounds have to get there noses deep into the weeds to get what they have found. There are even times they don't mind sharing.

I came with the 18mm-55mm lens today, I think that might be the lens of choice from now on. Yet, when those surprise deer show up, it's always nice to have that 200mm lens on the end of the camera.

I used my voice as Stella's leash again today. She does not need to be leashed at all but lately needs some 'voice motivation' to keep our group together. She is on "partial probation".

We are not quite to the halfway point of the walk ... along the back edge of the field.

Headed home and they both stopped suddenly ... their noses had picked up something in the distance, I didn't hear anything that would make them interested. It's their noses that dictate their activity.

Headed home with a slow walk ... the first of two walks today.

Heidi stayed inside enjoying the opened windows and the cool breeze blowing through the house. I am once again thinking about carrying her to the edge of the field so she will walk with us ... it did work when I did that last April.

The afternoon continued to be great weather. We took our 2nd walk around 5:30pm, taking the 18-55mm lens. Soon after the start of the walk, the lens quit working so no photos.

It's been nothing but college football tonight on tv, here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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