September 22, 2016

Hounds Take a Short Ride

 Day started with the normal routine after staying up again until 4am to download and install Apple's OS Sierra onto my iMac. When it was slowing down I then realized what was late to me was the perfect time for those on the west coast.

For readers that use Macs, I have to say I like the new OS, the new features and I have not come close to seeing everything it is doing. That will take some reading and then digging into my computer to see how things work.

When I loaded the camera card this morning for the first time, it repaired my Photo Library. I have some photos I will check to see if their status changed or not after uploading them from iPhoto in the spring of 2015. So far I have no problems with the OS upgrades on all my devices ... things work as they should. A lot of people on the Mac forums feel different than I do. Yet, in the 6 years I've used a Mac, many hours every day, I've had only one problem that was "user error" (me) trying to use File Vault on an older machine.

It didn't bother the hounds either way. Their routines rarely change and they know their 'slave' keeps weird hours late at night ... all they want is sleep, food and walks ... with an occasional ride in the FJ.

Stella started her morning with some fresh wet tall grass. I think she just likes it because she has had no digestive issues, stomach is not growling ... she just likes grass.

Sadie was positive there had been moles in the yard this morning. She might have been right. I've heard the best time to catch them is 7am and 7pm ... it's why I never fish, hunt or look for moles ... I never catch, kill or see anything.

I stood from the chair to watch Sadie since she had gone to the north part of the field. She made sure to look back at me just to see if I was watching her. I was ... it's the new "adult supervision".

When she was finished, she came running back to the house without me having to call her.

When I told them it was "time for coffee" they both headed for the house ... a daily routine.

A little before lunch I decided that after the hounds were fed, we all would get in the FJ for a short drive through the country to visit an old friend and ex co-worker, that retired this past July. To make this trip to their house you need 4-wheel drive and in the winters you will need to drop down into LOW 4-wheel drive. Can you picture driving this road just to get to the highway on the way to work every day in the middle of the midwestern winters??

This next shot is me coming down the last part of their driveway. There are 2 very sharp 90° turns on a narrow one lane of gravel with very steep banks on each side.

The one time I go out for a surprise visit after being invited many times this summer, they weren't home. LOL  It didn't matter, as the hounds and I enjoyed the ride out through the local country side. We had the best of both worlds with the windows down so they could see out and get some fresh air ... with the AC turned on to keep the cabin cool in 87° temps.

By the time we got home ... it was time for a walk. I could tell right from the start both of them were going to be stubborn today. So I let them do what they wanted while I walked the path slowly.

Sadie is making sure her ears are still flexible.

Stella has always had a 'happy go lucky' personality ... here she is running while looking at the sky ... lol

With the temps high today we probably will not take the next walk until 7pm. We found out last night that time of day was perfect for a walk close to sundown. If you click my Wordpress blog on the left sidebar called "Life of Hounds", the photos of last night's walk are there.

I finished Chinle's Rattlesnake Cafe ebook last night and hear she is going to release another new book around Christmas time. I'll save my pennies between now and then so I can pick that up. She has a great style of writing and all of her books have a little twist at the end, even after the murder has been solved. She mentioned the hounds in one of her books last year. They were fed another "barkie bone" for that.

Another thing I have been doing these past couple of days after more reading about password managers. I am moving slowly from LastPass to Apple's Keychain. Of coarse Keychain is used only with Safari browser, while LastPass will work with all top three browsers. One difference I like, with Keychain I have that free for all of my devices. With LastPass I would have to pay to use it on my phone and tablet.

I figured if the FBI was begging, forcing, threatening Apple to open the iPhone of the San Bernardino attacker ... then security must have been pretty good.

It's NFL night tonight, to start the weekend of football.

Another beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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