December 06, 2016

Rain Holds Up Hounds

Waking up to the sound of rain hitting the north window told me even before daylight most of our activities might be put on hold today. Outside activities would turn into indoor activists.

For the hounds that meant more sleep. For me that meant reading books, read some blogs and do laundry. Just the kind of stuff that would keep you on the edges of your desk chair while you read the blog.

Since it's been a few days of making changes back and forth, what I blog about yesterday, I found today iIwas back to playing around with different internet browsers. As much as I would like to use Safari or Firefox instead of Google Chrome, it doesn't take long to see that Safari is a 'data hog', using a half day worth of data before 11am. Firefox on the other hand does not play well with some websites and had just enough glitches that makes me run back to Google Chrome. There isn't much more they can find out about me than they already know ... so I doubt it matters. Safari and Firefox both use Google programs for their own security, so there is no difference there.

Even with a light rain, the hounds still need the normal routine. This morning Stella never left the carport on her first trip outside while I poured their breakfast kibble. Heidi made her typical bad weather path with an immediate right under the overhang and behind the yews in front of the house and Sadie wandered out into the field not caring how wet she would end up getting.

Wunderground weather was predicting the rain would move out of our area by noon. That meant by late afternoon we would hopefully be able to take a soggy walk through the field. The hounds didn't seem to care that I wiped their paws off before they came back inside even after their short trips they took throughout the day.

We waited, had lunch and then went out to test the wet grounds ... was a mid-afternoon walk possible?

I knew that when Sadie gave me her stare telling me we needed the first walk of the day and the ground was dry enough. I headed back inside to change into my Oboz hiking shoes, which I really like as they continue to break in. At 41°, a sweatshirt along with a thinner down jacket and gloves, it was all I needed.

Stella never gets excited like Sadie does when she sees we are going to walk but she never misses one.

I could see underground water rising above ground level with each of my steps but I needed to help the hounds get rid of their 'cabin fever'. We continued the walk under gray skies, a wind that was just a little more than a breeze.

Once again when Sadie saw I was about to take the first turn without her she came sprinting to catch up, Stella didn't bother as usual. She is definitely on her own schedule.

The slight wind today was making it feel like it was much older than 41°, it was the type of cold that cuts through you. I wondered for a minute if I had chosen the wrong jacket. I was also reminded just how cold it will be in January and February.

There cannot be that much deer scat in one spot at ground level under the thick grass but Stella never moved. It must be something else that makes her stay for such a long period of time.

I took these next few pictures after making the turn and headed back toward home. I guess I was wrong thinking they were wanting to walk and run. Neither one left this area while I did most of the daily walk by myself.

Just as I passed, they decided they would head back to the house with me ... not a word was said, it was their decision.

We tried to give it a shot but the rest of the afternoon turned out to be a lot of nothing. The hounds slept, I read parts of different books and the camera wasn't used. I guess the excitement of the day was hearing Stella take her nose and nudge the door handle in the kitchen to let me know she needed to go outside.

Nothing to see here today in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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