October 19, 2017

It's Summer Again In 'The Tropics'

I knew when Heidi jumped off the couch, rolled once on the floor and popped right back up barking to herself, that summer had come back for one final time and it had to be above 70°. With an overwhelming demand to be fed lunch kibble, it was served almost at 1pm in preparation for the time change in the near future. I hope by the time it gets too cold to paint, I finish my paint prep, put on some primer and paint the trim in the carport. Probably tomorrow after lunch in the sunshine it will be "Operation Dog Nails" and Heidi's will have hers trimmed back as much as possible.

Stella is never too anxious to do anything after lunch. She does not even follow Sadie into the field nor Heidi who takes a lap around the house. All Stella wants after she eats is to be back inside for an afternoon siesta.

When the weather is warm Heidi likes to find a spot in the sun, away from the bloodhounds where she can relax, sleep and soak of some of the sun's ray's. She would for an hour today, doing just that, while the 3 of us were inside.

With perfect weather outside I formed up a game plan over a few games of Mahjong. I improved my times on three different games, getting each of them completed in less than three minutes and one finished in 2 minutes 47 seconds. Since I knew I could not beat that time today ... it was time to take Sadie and Stella for their afternoon walk ... then mow the yard.

The butterfly population double today to 2. I couldn't catch the other one with my camera but I was able to find one. It spreading it's wings to my camera lens never worked out today ... poor timing.

When it's 75°, a slow walk and nice green grass, Stella can always find time to sit for a quick scratch.

Sadie got a little extra exercise in this afternoon with some hard jogging.

I never found anything too scary about my lower lip becoming numb. 200mg of Ibuprofen fixed it. I heard that my friends Apple Mail that disappeared last night finally finished synchronizing with Gmail and so far everything was working again.

I think it's encouraging when I type a question into search on the internet, to see there is usually another million people that have searched the same topic you have, even it is a problem where a solution is needed.

The yard looks good again, cut even. Since I reinstalled the older blade, that terrible sound with my mower I had last week was gone today. So instead of buying a new mower next spring it sounds like this one is good for another ten years.

It's too nice to be inside writing this ... so I am stopping here and heading back outside to sit and contemplate whether I build a huge fire tomorrow by burning the tall pile of dead tree limbs and leaves that went with those tree limbs. I imagine the final decision will be made by which direction the wind is blowing ... I want to burn only the pile of limbs, the the woods behind it.

You cannot beat this 75° weather today here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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