October 12, 2017

Stella Runs Away Further Than Ever

Tonight I thought I'd be writing about about our morning walk plus a few photos of the lunch break for the hounds ... one of the times that Heidi makes an outdoor appearance and a chance to photograph her ... but the afternoon walk went beyond distances we had ever traveled ... at least the three of us. Stella took off running and didn't come back ... until Sadie and I finally caught up with her.

For some reason I've been very motivated today and still may not be finished. I have time to do a few more things between the time I post this and the Cubs/Nationals baseball game at 8pm local time. I've done one load of my laundry, washed three of Heidi's Mexican blankets, stored the two window AC with hopes of a new central air unit by next June, vacuumed the house and cooked a large lunch. All while deciding to request some friends to comeback to my new Facebook account and not just keeping it a 'reading' account for me.

The fields are still pretty wet I'm sure based on how my yard feels from all the rain but with cooler temps some might have a changes to combine their corn or soybeans. I barely caught these two passing the house while I was outside with the hounds.

These were the two best photos of Sadie and Stella from this morning's walk.

I was so energetic today that I went outside to seal around my windows and to fill with silicone the hole around the new satellite coax cable they inserted through the 20 year old hole on the side of the house. They peel out the old calk silicone every time they install a new system for the internet and tv. I always fill the space back up to keep it dry under the house. That cable runs under the house from the satellite dishes to the tv and further back to my computer room.

This is Stella starting the normal afternoon walk ... where it looks like she can barely walk another step ... so slow she drags her paws. No excitement was expected at this point.

I was not even close to the first turn when two red bloodhounds ran by me at full speed with no intentions of slowing down. All of the photos were taken with the lens set at 200mm, so that gives you some idea how far behind I was.

By this next photo I knew for sure they were going to be out of my sight and I might even have to do some slow jogging if I were to catch them. I saw to new ATV tire tracks in the large path they wore down this summer ... I was pretty sure where the hounds were heading ... way ... way past 'the no fly zone'.

When I saw what Stella was doing on the right side and how fast she moved away from Sadie ... I knew she had plans of her own ... she was on a mission.

Sadie decided if she was going to enjoy this adventure she better put it in high gear to catch Stella.

Doing her best effort to catch Stella.

If nothing else ... both hounds were getting some great aerobic exercise while I was huffing and puffing in a slow jog 75 yards behind them.

When I caught a horizon with no hounds in view, I picked up my pace and started yelling Sadie's name since she was the nearest to me. I knew Stella was long gone.

After a slight diversion, Sadie changed direction and headed the way Stella was last seen.

Still shooting photos with the 200mm setting but I am getting closer to that large electrical tower.

As I change the name of the hound I am yelling for ... Sadie stops to wait on me as I start yelling 'Stella'. Sadie was positive that was the direction she saw Stella heading.

So we are now approaching the farthest corner of the field behind the house ... those tracks will veer to the left into the woods of the next property owner that is 4 houses north of mine. It is also the new path that 8th grader Christopher takes across the field into the deep gully where the deer hang out.

Just to make sure I made one final glance to the left, looking at the 'northern woods' for Stella before running into the next field.

Sadie has stayed by my side this whole time since I caught up with her. She waited for me and then trotted along side of me. As we turned the corner into the woods ... who did we see up ahead ... ????

When Stella is locked in this pose, not moving .... she either sees, smells or hears ... deer, dogs, cats, people, or ATVs. I was hoping she would go no further and come back in our direction.

Once she heard me call her name and see Sadie running after her to rescue ... she acted as if she was afraid of what she had found and was happy to be running back in our direction.

Sadie did what she always does when she finds Stella in the field or when Heidi comes inside after a short trip out at night ... she taps noses.

With Sadie's 'nose tap' telling Stella we are going home, both hounds ran past me, following the path we came in on and headed home.

Stella may have thought she was in trouble but she wasn't. I wasn't mad and only called her name loud in hopes that she would hear Sadie and I were coming to find her. Then again after all the running she did to get her, she may have been tired and had decided to walk home.

Yes that is drool hanging from the bottom of her mouth.

Once she shook her ears out ... she was ready to cruise back to the house for an early evening nap.

The two partners in crime ... NEVER a dull moment when you have bloodhounds ... LOL

Evidently the Equifax breach of personal information has had an affect on me. Added to the OPM in 2015, Yahoo in 2016 and Equifax in 2017 all of my information for the past 20 years is now in someone elses hands. Actually it probably doesn't mean anything in my case ... I'm a 'nobody' really, and do not a lot to offer financially or in assets to any hackers that are interested.

So in that case I am more open online ... screw it.

People now know exactly where I live, even strangers. If you look close you can see in this blog the exact name of the town I live outside of, and I am back on Facebook ... 'the king' of spreading your private photos and information on 'their' website to all parts of the world to make us all just one big happy family ... worldwide.

I guess you can say I no longer care about online security.

So the temps are cool, the windows are open, Sadie is snoring while sleeping in 'her' large leather chair, Heidi is passed out on the couch and MLB playoffs are on a little more than 2 hours from now.

All is good in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana today.

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