October 05, 2017

It Will Be A Wet Apple Festival

The raindrops started hitting the leaves outside of my bedroom window around 3am. It wasn't a heavy rain but a constant light rain. I finally fell asleep at 4am with no plans of getting up at 8am to feed the hounds. They would get breakfast when I woke up a little after 10am. It was still raining lightly but all three hounds went outside for their first bathroom break of the day. Apple Festival starts tomorrow night thru the parade on Sunday ... it is suppose to rain all weekend.

While the town fills with people, I will do a little grocery shopping this afternoon after this post and the hounds get their lunch. Then I'll stay inside my house all weekend, starting tonight, watching football and the MLB Playoff games.

Stella yelped last night on the couch while I was petting her ... I wasn't sure today if she would do the walk or not. It was a spot right above her rear hip between her upper leg and stomach. I could not feel anything swollen but didn't dig much to keep her from yelping again. She went back to sleep and I left her alone.

It was on the right side, on her upper side just above the upper leg or shoulder blade.

I didn't think she would go far so I let her do what she wanted as Sadie and I marched forward in the wet field and a few drops of rain here and their but not even a sprinkle. No rain jacket, just a t-shirt and my North Face snow boots to keep dry.

Sadie did her normal daily, every walk, routine ... exploring. She never looked back for Stella but just kept her nose to the ground and tracked scent.

Not quite 9-1/2 months old, great shape with a little gray on her muzzle. I still would like to know what that means with her licking her lower front leg in that one spot all the time. She normally does that licking while laying on her bed when I am getting ready to leave or at night just before we turn the lights out to sleep.

She was hard to get moving off her search this morning but I cannot leave her behind or she would never come back to the house.

She would explore this 7 acres for hours on end if I let her stay out that long alone.

As we walked back toward the house I did not see Stella anywhere through my lens. Had she snuck off again, even with a sore back???? Just as I was about to give up hope of finding her, I barely saw her in the lower part of the front field.

As I called her name she ignored me as usual and slowly meandered toward Hasler's.

About the time I got close enough to her to grab her collar, she looked up and started walking toward me and Sadie on our alternate path home. She kept following me as I kept repeating "come on" ... a nice surprise.

It would be pretty tall but that tree in the middle of the picture is slowly rotting. I need to cut that down either this fall and let it dry out to burn next spring or wait and see if it falls down over the winter. Yet it might not be rotted enough to fall for years to come.

Just in case it might be raining too hard on Friday to take our walk I thought I'd take the weekly leaf color pics today. Not a lot of color so far this year except for the few isolated spots throughout the field.

I like the different colors on ground level right now. The field is usually cut down by now so it's a lot of different colors that I miss because of that. Will they cut the field later this month??  I'm guess they won't.

Based on what the Mahogany tree is doing by the house, I am guessing this is a Mahogany tree in back of the field.

This is the edge of my north property line. I really do live in a nice area.

Stella led us back to the house which is much different than her usual routine. Maybe she wanted to get back inside due to a sore leg or back. I saw no limping from her, felt nothing swollen this morning and she did not yelp when I petted that area after the walk.

After 2am last night I still could not get to sleep so I got up and did all of the Apple software updates for the iMac, MBA, iPhone and the iPad Mini.  It took a long time for all of that. Just as I tried to download the photos to this blog the site was hung up and wouldn't load anything, even after I closed Blogger and reopened it.

About that time I saw on my Activity monitor a large download of data of some sort and I went from 63Mb to 215Mb just that fast and it would not have stopped unless I shut Safari down like I did. It must have been some sort of cache update in the background because I have all software updates turned off so they will not use up my data automatically.

It feels like a Friday but it's only Thursday ... should help with traffic and fewer Walmart shoppers. If nothing else I need to get out of the house so I'll head there after I feed the the hounds plus stop at the Auto Body Shop to talk to them about fixing or getting an estimate on the Z4.

All is good today ... may even get some house cleaning done later this afternoon.

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