October 02, 2017

Monday Morning Rambling

Stella took the lead of the walk this morning. I was going to let her do her own thing this morning ... and she did. It's a nice way to start the week, where at times she will have a different routine. There will be a slight change to my schedule this week since MLB playoffs are on almost every day and by the end of the week will mix in with College Football.
I was slightly surprised just how fast Stella was moving out ahead of us. I'd rather see her way out in front rather than way out in the back. If she is that far back she will not catchup with us, most of the time. The field is ugly right now with the wild flowers and weeds dying off ... fall is on the way.

Sadie never changes ... she explores the field every morning and afternoon.

Stella is looking good again without her ribs and hip bones showing like they were a few months ago.

Sadie eats less amount of kibble than Stella but its only to control her weight. It's never good for an older bloodhound to be overweight.

I just realized it was 32 days ago that I stopped blogging on my Wordpress blog.

Then this morning while I was walking I thought of starting a brand new Facebook account just to follow my interest. When I got home and found out that Taxa Trailers did NOT have a Twitter account, my interest in a new Facebook account grew. I would only list groups that I was interesting following like my FJ, Taxa Trailers, Casitas, all the Sports teams.

Sadie was in heaven this morning ... she had the whole field to herself to explore, Stella was left behind and out of our sight. She would be spending her 'walk' searching for and eating fresh deer scat.

It's going to be another beautiful day here today with a high of 81°, most of the week in the high 70's and rain by next weekend. I've thought of what Ralph told me the other day where he never rakes leaves but just mowed and mulches them. My problem is for some reason I cannot keep the mulching 'shoot cover' locked in place on the mower .. it blows off after a while.

Then this morning while walking I wondered if it was really saving time mowing them instead of raking. I guess it would take more time to rake them based on the small north corner I raked last week in 35 minutes. I could mulch the whole yard in 45 minutes so that answers that question. I guess I'll work on that cover a little bit more.

No sign of Stella anywhere on the horizon.

Holy Cow!!  Stella had wandered from way behind us over to the area between my neighbors houses. I had to tug at her collar hard to get her to move. I did NOT yell but kept quiet the whole walk.

Is Facebook an addiction? Is the need to blog publicly an addiction or does it fill in the gaps of a solo life with little social interaction? Why does the need for both Facebook and Blogging never go away?

After I grabbed Stella we used the ATV path to get back to our 'alternate path' home. That worked out pretty well. The field did not grow much after they cut it in July. I guess it really was a dry summer, not enough rain and when it did rain, it was not as much as forecast. All the storms moved north of us.

Today I'd like to rake this part of the yard. It would take me around 30 minutes to rake, put them in the container and move them to the driveway to burn them. Really the leaves have not ever started falling yet based on how many leaves are on the trees.

So it sounds like Facebook is back on and will be set up after this post.

It's a quiet Monday here in 'the tropics' of Southern  Indiana.

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