December 16, 2017

Hounds Work In Tandem

Heavy frost met us in the field this morning. We are suppose to climb 15° and get near 50° by late afternoon. I don't have a lot of photos this morning because about half of them turned out too blurry to post. I changed my setting back to 'auto focus' later in the walk. Stella kept up with Sadie most of the first part of the walk on her own ... but it was normal routine after she turned the corner.

Cold air was blowing hard from the SW but with the sunshine out, it wasn't bad to walk in. Not much to say this morning so I'll leave you with the photos I have left.

It's a day of college basketball games today. Plus I will be moving some movies and tapes of ballgames from my Directv DVR to DVDs. I finally figured out the problem my DVD recorder was having ... it's never works when you have both end to the cables plugged into "out" on two different units.  LOL

It's a quiet Saturday here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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