December 03, 2017

Stella Decided To Disappear Today

It should have been obvious when I saw her while I took this photo as we started our walk. I know it was obvious after I looked at it when I downloaded it and edited. She does not do her disappearing act all the time and nothing consistent but she does. Today she was not gone long but from the area she walked out of the woods, I know that she heard me calling her name.

Sadie and I was on our way home and didn't see Stella anywhere but that has been normal lately.

The camera searched all the logical places where she might be. Combine that will me calling her name as loud as I could ... no responses from her.

It was time to step into the woods to see if I could see here. Past experiences doing the same thing in when I couldn't find her never proved positive.

Just in case, we walked back to the house to check the door to see if she was standing there. We looked to the neighbor's yard to the south, we looked in that part of the woods ... no Stella.

Sadie and I decided to walk to the neighbor's yard to see if she was between houses. About that time taking one last view towards the woods, there she was walking out of the woods not quite to the corner at the first turn.

Now ... on to watching the College Football Playoff announcement.

A beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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