December 13, 2017

Another Morning Hound Walk

The pace has been fast and furious since we are getting use to cold weather every day. I hate talking about weather but it's a big factor in what we do. It's early in the winter and the Bloodhounds are already showing signs of 'cabin fever'. We still get our two walks in per day as a minimum ... Except Heidi.

She came outside after lunch yesterday and didn't move off of the carport. As soon as that cold blast of wind came around the corner and hit her in the face right behind the Z4, she turned and headed back towards the door ... then changed her mind.

She wanted to make sure it was just as cold over behind the FJ because she really had 'to go' since she had just finished lunch. She studied the ground, sniffed the air, licked her lips and finally gave up ... too cold. I don't think she moved off the couch literally all afternoon. Around 7pm she jumped off to shake and loosen her neck and back muscles, then jumped right back on the couch and started her nightly routine.

Finally around 9pm I had to coax her to go outside with Sadie and Stella. She didn't mind that as she sprinted through kitchen to the door and ran to the driveway. She realized she had been holding it too long.

While I flipped back and forth between ballgames, movies and the MLB channel for any last second updates on baseball trades ... she continued to sleep. This photo is my new phone taking one 2x zoom and a tone adjustment.

She does come up for air on occasion. She might walk in a circle, then curl back under the blankets.

It's very important to get those blankets just right to keep her nose warm.

A bloodhound needs her rest after a full day of activity. 

Each time I step out in this field it feels like the whole field is sliding south. I can't recall if the incline was as steep as it is now. I thought I remembered this area being a lot more flat, but it's hard to see in photos from years ago when I had a different group of hounds. Probably just my imagination.

I have found the right clothing combination where I am never cold, even down to single digit wind chill. The hounds never seem to mind and their walks every morning are almost the same ... until today.

Stella was moving in and out of the brush area. I wasn't sure I wanted to leave her behind on a day like this morning. If she were to take off it would be too cold for her if she was gone for 30 minutes or longer.

Sadie was just Sadie ... trying to cover as much ground and as many scents as possible within the 15 minute walk.

I knew at this point in time I was going to have to walk back and get Stella. She was hard to deal with this morning as I had to herd her at least to the first turn and then some more after that.

Even here, I had to nudge her one more time before she made the right hand turn.

I realized this morning as I open up my blog dashboard to write this post that I was at a loss for words. I still am as you can probably tell by what I have typed so far. I'll leave the rest of the photos from this morning's walk. I seem to be very distracted this morning.

I guess the main objective today will be to do some shopping to replenish the food supply. Since the roads are dry and clear, I'll drive the Z4 over to the store for some added fun on the drive. Plus the trunk in that car gives me just enough room to store what I buy which doesn't leave room for a lot of extras but just what I need. It does hold more bags of groceries than you would expect it to.

Yet, another fine day ahead here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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