December 29, 2017

The Heat Wave Arrives

I wasn't tempted to trade my jeans for cargo shorts but it felt much warmer this morning at 19°. It will be short lived with possible snow this afternoon and the arctic weather blowing down from the NW to arrive in the morning. I felt we had a chance for a complete walk this morning for the first time in a few days. Both bloodhounds took off, confirming just how warm it felt.

Starting with the Holiday Bowl game in San Diego last night, my weekend of solid football games between College, the NFL and College basketball games have filled the schedule. Things are picking up around here with that news. I had to make a groceries shopping trip today if I was going to make it to Monday night.

Stella was showing no signs of being cold and jumped into the brush area full of thorny sticks. Yet she took off after Sadie once she saw her move to the front.

With the holidays on Monday this year I have lost all track of time and what day it is. I glance at the upper right corner of my computer monitor to find out what day it is. Things are pretty slow this time of year as for things to blog about. Weather dictates a lot of time inside and there is nothing inside you want to read about I'm sure. As you can tell I am already having a hard time finding something to say.

Was that raised right rear leg a sign she was cold or just a piece of snow between her toes?

They picked up their pace when I told them I had to go buy groceries. When they hear that they always think the food I buy is for them. Then while I am brushing my teeth all of them go to the bedroom on their own because they know that is where they stay while I am gone. Even Stella has figured out that routine the short time she has been here. (30 months)

With most of the snow gone in the front yard you would think it would be no problem for Heidi to spend some time outside but that was not the case. She walked to the edge of the carport, looked and then walked around the Z4 back to the door.  She then decided she really did have to pee for the 2nd time today so she walked back in front of the Z4 and barely stepped into the yard. In a minutes time she was sprinting back to the door to be let inside.

Sorry for the lack of focus writing this post but if feels as if I am pretty distracted right now.

A nice day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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