December 16, 2015

Heidi Itching Less On Day 2

I don't have any photos of Heidi's skin because she only goes outside twice per day and when she does I don't have my camera ready. After 4 feedings (2x day) of the 4Health Grain Free, Duck/Sweet Potato ... she is itching a LOT less, skin is NOT red but does need a bath. I'm too lazy to give her one.

Sadie must had just a one day bug because yesterday fed her the Diamond Naturals mixed with Diamond Grain Free ... she had no digestive issues.

Winston is getting antibiotics 2x a day. He has no issues with his missing teeth and eating dry kibble.

I do feel some regret shutting the blog off to those that liked reading it. I know it's "special" to a couple of readers and one in particular. I'm thinking of opening the blog back to public - yet there might be different photos along with more detail than they are used to.

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