December 15, 2015

Sadie's Upset Stomach

It started Sunday night where she starts by being obsessed with licking the carpet. On the way of letting her outside she is going ballistic hopping up and down. Once the door is open she sprints to the field and starts eating the tall grass. It is something I have noticed before when feeding Diamond Natural dog food. I don't recall her ever doing it when I fed her Fromm.

Last summer I thought it was because it was too hot inside and outside. Sunday night I instantly thought it was Diamond Naturals dog food. Yet Stella and Winston have no issues with it.

Monday night was different. After about 8 hours she puked up her whole meal I gave her at the grass she had ate. While sleeping on the couch and having the run of the house last night, I found 2 small places she had gotten sick.

Today I fed her 100% Diamond Grain Free that I am finishing up since Heidi is now eating 4Health Duck and Sweet Potato. Sadie didn't go ballistic today to go outside, nor did she puke but she stayed outside a long time roaming the field alone, eating as much grass as she could find.

She was pooping grass today, a lot of it. So she has had a thorough intestinal cleanse. It 5:52pm and she has had no issues today.

The other dogs are fine. It's hard to imagine but Heidi has rarely scratched today after one day on 4Health dog food. That has to be way too soon to show any differences.

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