December 22, 2015

Blog Re-Opened

After a lot of emails from past readers wishing the blog was not closed, they enjoyed reading about the hounds ... and even me wondering if it was the right thing to do closing it, I have decided to reopen the blog ...

But there is a WARNING before you look at other posts.

The tone of the blog has changed since I closed it because has a a tone of me talking to myself ... not to a viewing audience. Which I was at the time since it was in the 'private' status.

I have some photos that might offend some but I'm going to leave them there. It is what it is.

When I closed this blog I changed it to a "journal" format not expecting what has taken place since Saturday.

I would suggest starting at the post titled "My First Private Blog Post" if you want to get caught up in the order events took place.

I am still a little hesitant doing this ... yet, life is constant change. It's good to be back in the blogsville neighborhood.

The "tropics of southern Indiana" is a lot warmer than normal in December.

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