December 11, 2015

This Blog Is Closing

Instead of just disappearing or stop writing entirely, I thought I at least owed blog followers, regular readers and even the newest blog visitors an explanation on where "this blog went" and where it's going. So this will be my last "public" post for 'Hounds & RVs'.

I've gone back and forth on this decision. It's nothing that any of you have done to make me come to this conclusion. It's entirely my thought process. Nothing in the past made me re-think about having a blog for all to read, to see. It's just my own DNA.

By nature I've always been a private person, somewhat of a loner although some close friends say I was entirely opposite. Still you can't be the "life of the party" forever. I need to keep this short and to the point.

The fact is I like to write. It's why I came back to this blog a couple of times over the blog's 4 year history, but really this blog has ran it's course. It started about RVs, my research, my RV thoughts and ideas. It migrated to my hounds and toward the end it was only about my hounds and my boring lifestyle in retirement.

I still want to keep this blog as a personal journal, a reference.

Believe me there isn't much here to write about. As time went on, it became harder to set down, edit photos and write a narrative. I lost interest. For some reason I no longer wanted to share what was going on here in "the tropics of southern Indiana". I still wanted to take photos of the hounds. I wanted to document what is going on with them for my own personal record that could be used as a reference in the future. Those postings would be in longer intervals.

A few months ago I started to write less about my ideas, less of what I was doing and less of what was going on around here. I mean you have to admit when I am taking photos and writing about the five days it took me last summer ... pulling weeds out of my driveway ... something has to change. That's just not a good blog topic.

Yet, I was never comfortable putting personal information out into a format for all to see. I was putting more information out there, than I wanted. Even by accident sometimes. So, I guess I've always had those lingering thoughts in back of my mind, asking myself what is too much personal information? Where does this blog end? I wanted to travel to get away, to escape. A blog would let people know where I was.

The blog has turned into a place where people visit and enjoy all the photos of the hounds. I understand that. So for those that enjoy that, I strongly urge you to bookmark this link. I will start posting photos of the hounds there from now on for public viewing.

I've decided this blog is moving to the "private" status within the next few days. The domain name will not be renewed next year and it's very possible I will shut it off within the next few days also. I wanted to keep this blog for my own record for when I might need to look something up later. I also wanted to keep this blog because of all of the photos and stories about the hounds, similar to a photo album I guess. A journal about them.

I guess for selfish reasons, I no longer want to share what they do, what I do and what is going on.

Thank you for all your comments and emails over the years. Thank's for following the blog. I met a lot of good friends by blogging.

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