December 03, 2015

Old Injuries Never Die

This post will be short due to my current issues. It started out with me not feeling like blogging and even wondering if I was done blogging. I was finding it hard to come up with new daily material to write about. All my photos seemed to be in the same location and the same action shots of the hounds. Maybe the blog had ran it's course.

Before I could come up with an answer I woke up one morning a week ago, to find out an old injury from a serious car wreck I had in March 2010, had come back and it has put me on the sideline so to speak.

It's 24/7 of constant nerve pain and at times I cannot lift nor use my right arm.

All of the exercises given to me by Physical Therapists in 2010 to use if/when I had a flare up, usually work but for the past week they have not worked. Other techniques have not worked. Anti-inflammatory meds have not worked.

So once I can raise my right arm long enough to type, I'll post an update. Maybe by then I can decide if I want to continue to blog. Even with the pain challenges, the decreased time I have spent on the internet has helped me remember what it's like to live 'normal' again. I've been on the internet since 1996 for either work, enjoyment, and a lot of hours in a desk chair ... so maybe it's time.

All the hounds are fine, maybe Winston and the two bloodhounds have a little cabin fever but all of them are good.

I have enjoyed my vacation away from the internet.

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