May 09, 2016

Heidi's Skin Improves After a Soak

Today was one of the most inactive days in a long time. They've been slow before but nothing like today.

We woke up around daybreak, or I did then they did as I attempted to break the all-time sneezing record. Sinuses were plugged and I could hear a light rain hitting the tree leaves right outside the window.

I remember thinking last night the grass seems to grow by the hour, long enough to cut but too wet to mow. There is no let up in rain until Friday if you believe the forecast. I hate mowing, then raking the excess cut but by that time I will have no choice.

I shot these morning photos without a flash. Interesting change in color but not sure they are good photos or not. These were from their 2nd trip outside around 8:30am.

Stella could no longer hold it, she had no hesitation walking out into the wet field with a very very light rain falling on her. The true example of motivation.

Late yesterday afternoon, Heidi's skin was once again so bad I put her in tub full of warm water and Epsom Salts. The water came up all the way past her chest, to the bottom of the black hair as she stood. I used a wash cloth to wipe under her neck, armpits and stomach. I wanted the water to soak in those places more than scrubbing.

It seemed to have worked, at least so far today. This is a photo of her around 1:20pm today. It's the best she has looked in a long time. My friend and I didn't see the improvement we thought we would see using the Wounded Warrior Ointment. Was one of the natural ingredients causing the flareups in her skin?

So, I've adjusted the plan after 18 days ... no change in diet except the added raw beef, raw chicken or cooked salmon to her kibble in small amounts. That will depend what I am eating that day. No grains or potatoes in her kibble, like now. No ointments, creams, etc ... I plan to go with Epsom Salt soaks more frequently every week for the first time ever.

That will be every 2-3 days depending on how her skin looks. I'll give her those soaks at least every 3 days no matter what, with the assumption it is killing or pulling the infection out of her skin.

Epsom Salts really helped yesterday with the raw spots and decreasing the inflammation. The skin under her neck and chest were horrendous with inflammation.

With all the continuous rain, I pulled a book off my self that I had read once before but thought it might be good to read it again. The book is called Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz.

Not much more happened than what you see. About the time the light rain would stop it would start again. Heidi made it outside just once before this post and her skin still looked good as this morning. I decided on a day like today it was time to do some laundry and read more of my book.

Sadie is actually out in the field, wet grass and all.

Sadie taking her time then changing her mind about joining Stella.

Once I started calling her name, Stella headed inside just in time to have me fold the first load of clothes. It could be "movie night" tonight on a Monday. I'm not sure that I can handle 3 more days of rain, but the US Tornado website shows things could get exciting tomorrow.

It's days like these I am happy to be retired in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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