May 25, 2016

Heidi Comes To Get Me To Walk

After going to the door or coming to get me to let her out the door during Tuesday afternoon, it was a pleasant shock that around 6:40pm she came to my computer desk and kept bothering me ... I finally realized for the 4th time in the afternoon she wanted to go outside again.

Only this time she wanted to walk in the field for the first time in a month or so. That only happened after I would put her collar on with the leash and then lead her to the field to walk leash free.

Today was different. She headed directly to the field and didn't stop. At times the pace was slow with her leading and if I tried to walk around her she would run fast enough to stay ahead of me. I have no idea why she is feeling better or acting this way but I'm happy I am seeing her with more energy.

Sadie and Stella have been in their own little world today and one that I am thrilled about. It hasn't been a good day between me and them. I focused more on Heidi's walk and let them do what ever they wanted.

At this point in the walk I am still trying to figure out what made Heidi so motivated to get outside 4 different times this afternoon and go directly on the walk during that 4th time. The other 3 times she spent time by herself laying in the sunshine.

Sadie sprinted up to the first turn to join us but no sign of Stella.

Like Winston use to ... Heidi continues but only at her pace.

Any more air under that left ear and she might have gotten airborne.

Has to stop mid walk to get the fly off of her ... she hates flies and will chase them if she can see them, inside or out.

Looking back and over to my left ... there is no sign of Stella.

Then as I am taking this photo of who I think is Sadie ... that black in her tail proves it's Stella ... but where did she come from? I never saw her.

No matter what the bloodhounds are doing, Heidi walks non-stop at her pace, sniffing all the scents along the way.

It looks like rain is coming from the west ... but the radar disagrees.

Sadie and Stella decided to join us after we are almost home. Then disappeared again ... their theme of the day.

I had to look more than a few times at this photo but eventually saw Heidi ... can you?

By the time she hit the yard it was a quick trot to the house ... walk over ... a little water and back to sleep on the couch.

By Tuesday night we were prepared for 50% chance of rain every day from Tuesday night until Sunday. Do you like how I matched the house trim color to the car cover?  :)

Back to reading books here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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