May 18, 2016

The Bloodhounds Demand A Walk

With most of the day overcast, the hounds slept until lunch. If I forget what time it is, all three hounds are going to let me know it's time to eat. While Heidi was outside she had a fresh application of the water vinegar. She was looking a lot better than this but I missed a day and that proved to be costly in the improvement department.

Heidi wasn't going to go on the walk but Sadie, Stella and I gave it a shot. About ten feet into the field water came up over the edges of my shoes. That is how saturated the field was with the recent rains. The thing is, if it is that wet "down here", it will be worse the further we get from the house, even walking uphill.

Stella couldn't believe her ears when she heard me say "come on" as I walked back toward the house. Sadie was giving me her look of "you have to be kidding me".

We needed more time, more sunshine but that didn't mean the hounds were happy. Throughout the afternoon while I read or played Mahjong, they wanted to go outside. Once they got outside, they would stand and stare at me so I knew for sure they were only wanting to go for a walk and nothing else. We spent the afternoon doing that more times than I wanted to count.

Finally a little after 5pm I could feel it was warmer, the sun was out and the propped up thermometer in the carport corner said it was close to 70° ... that translates to the real temp of 65°.

Sadie and Stella were thrilled with the decision and took off trotting way ahead of me.

When I saw two pairs of ears flapping in the wind I thought they had found something to chase. Sadie got deep into the edge of the gully to check out the latest deer scent. Stella almost took off for the corner but turned around and came running when I called her name. I didn't feel like going her pace today since the gnats were out in force.

They both explored the edge of the field before we made the final turn for home.

It was Sadie today who wanted to get some running in. Stella never ran and basically took her slow time coming back. Was she protesting for not getting her way?

I gave the bloodhounds NexGard on April 24 for the first time after the amount of ticks was just out of control. Since that time I have not pulled off more than 2 or 3 ticks total. The stuff does work but I am never too keen giving my hounds chemicals to prevent that. I've been reading and have some websites that have natural meds to prevent fleas and ticks. I plan to change to that after the 24th of May if the ticks attack the hounds again.

The camera continues to work so I am not sure what happened for it to change it's mind. I do realize it will not autofocus if there is not enough light or the camera cannot tell enough difference in contrast between the hounds and the field. I've given up on my sharpness research since I had enough blog readers tell me the photos look fine. It has to be my eyes.

My MLB team, the Reds told me and all their other fans they were going to start rebuilding their team this year with a three year plan. I've seen better played baseball in high school. The last time I checked a few years ago the MLB Minimum wage was $450,000 per season ... I might be old but with a little work to get in shape I think I can still throw the ball over the plate.

Let just say my nightly viewing of the Reds has decreased at a rapid rate, where the interest has moved to watching movies if I have the tv turned on at all.

I almost forgot ... I did find a place that let me air my tires for free. One of the local garages that has done some maintenance work for me in the past let me use their air hose. I think I might take Bethers suggestion of buying a small tire pump to use here at home to keep the tires inflated at the correct psi.

The hounds are happy and sleeping again, I am happy because it's warmer ... things are great in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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