May 07, 2016

The Hounds Were Lazy

From the start, all three hounds declared the afternoon was going to be more than just the normal slow pace. We started with weed eating as much of the drive as possible, along the north fence before the battery wore down. With clouds rolling in and rain looking probable, the car wash was cancelled.

Instead Heidi decided it was time to join us on a trip to the local Dairy Queen for a large Blizzard. We had to turn down the offer of a "pup cup" because that would be too much sugar and possibly affect her yeast infection ... by the way her skin looked all day today, we should have taken the ice cream when it was offered.

Stella moved her nap inside to outside. She put some serious thought into it and one photo catches her with her head up and her eyes closed. Can you see it?

Of course Sadie rarely lays down like that and always has to be on the move. With Stella sleeping and Sadie out in the field ... I moved inside to play with the blog template and change it ... I was bored, I needed something different and more tweaking may be involved.

It might be my eyes but the photos do look sharper to me in this template due to the dark background. Is it just me or can you see it also? Let me know if there is anything the new colors do that make it harder for you to read the blog. I am not sure if I like the color of the links on each sidebar.

It rained for less than a minute today ... huge drops of rain. Also another day of not finding any ticks on any of the hounds. Heidi has spent a lot of the afternoon rolling on the carpet, growling at herself ... and scratching.

I think I am feeling a quiet Saturday night here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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