May 29, 2016

"Stray" Storm Turns Into Hail

Nothing on the radar for 400 miles or more west of us here in 'the tropics". Radar shows 3 "stray" small thunderstorms in the state, one 90 miles NE, one about 60 SW and one right on top of us.

It had been sunny all day with a 10% chance of rain according to Wunderground Weather.

It was only 43 minutes after Stella decided we need to get in the house ... where it was a downpour for 7 minutes and little pebble size hail pounding our roof.

Rolling thunder at 3:30pm when we start the hound walk.

Stella didn't move from behind me during the walk ... she's afraid of thunder.

At 4:46pm it started to pour rain

2 Minutes later it started to hail

7 minutes after it started, the sun came out with a light drizzle and I had standing water.

17 minutes after it started - the sun came out

They have always said if you don't like the weather in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana ... wait 5 minutes and it will change for you.

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