May 31, 2016

The Heat Zaps The Hounds

I'm writing a little late tonight but it might be my attempt to return to the routine of posting at the end of the day instead of early in the morning. That routine seems work best for me.

You'll see from the lack of photos that the hounds and I hibernated inside today due to the temperatures in the high 80's most of the day. It didn't take that long to get that high as I felt the heat around 9am when I made my first trip outside.

Stella was wanting nothing to do with the sunshine, closing her eyes to let me know she was not happy and wanting to go back inside. Sadie on the other hand is thinking of walks 24/7, rain, hail sleet or snow.

By lunch I was loving the weather, nice and hot but the urge to walk mid-day wasn't there. As you can see with the rain over the weekend then two days of hot sun the hay seems to have grown another foot taller and my yard that I just mowed a few days ago could be mowed again in part of the backyard.

In some photos it looks like Sadie has lost some weight as she has been trying to do but just a couple of weeks shy of 8 years old, she is the normal big heavy size for a bloodhound. I think I can see some waistline though.

Someone asked what kind of bird is nesting above the power meter. I really don't know because it doesn't stay around long enough for me to get a good photo. I tip toed outside today, had focus on the bird on the nest and before I could click it flew to the tree limb. Most of the time it will fly away before I can zoom in on the tree limb. They were looking for their inside nest yesterday and seemed a bit confused with the thermometer off the wall.

Stella was outside just long enough to sniff some dirt that the moles have pushed up in a couple of different spots. I didn't have her this time last year so I didn't know she likes eating that dirt when she gets a chance. She stops when hearing her name.

Sadie was giving me one last stare down wanting to walk but it's never a good thing to be walking at 89°. It's 8:33pm now so we still have enough daylight to take off right after this ... I'll add a different post after we get back.

I forgot to add that it was ear cleaning and toe nail cutting today outside. All three hounds were cooperative in both exercises.

Summer weather has arrived here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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