May 28, 2016

Stella Had Another Good Day

Strike up another successful day for Stella. Two different times I had to leave, both for over an hour and came home to no damage. That is now 5 of the last 6 times I've left that she has not tore up anything trying to get out.

Friday was the first time this year that I started feeling the humidity. It wasn't long before it was in the low 80's and even the breeze was warm. I decided to take my camera with me yesterday on my short drive. I tried a few shots but only came up with one. The sun was bright enough I could not see if the object I was taking was lined up while driving 60mph.

I also didn't like the feeling of taking photos while I am out to just relax and enjoy the scenery, the smells and the quiet sound of the I6 roadster engine. I changed my mind 3 times on which way to go after I left the driveway and traveled some new roads along the way. It's amazing how flat the land is just a few miles west of me.

I wanted to walk the hounds when I got back, Sadie had been begging to go all morning but the grass was extremely wet and if it's wet in the yard its worse in the field. So I held off for a drier surface. Late in the afternoon we were on our way. With it still hot, Heidi never woke up and never got off the couch all day. The breeze coming through the window was perfect for her.

With the grass getting much taller I am ready for them to make the cut and bale it.

I made the effort by talking to Stella, to keep her from roaming to far off. It was extremely hot and muggy with a few gnats so I was really just wanting to get the walk over with.

Sadie doesn't feel we are moving fast enough. I was tired from mowing the yard in the 80° temps and once I even thought of getting a riding mower sometime soon. That will never happen. I get good exercise with the push mower.

Both hounds are walking at a slow pace  even with a later start due to the temperature. From a distance I can also tell the difference in them by how much Sadie curls her tail.

By this time Sadie and Stella were ready to get back inside away from the heat. After some water, they were asleep within minutes.

When I took the field photo this morning it looked different enough that I went back into my file of photos to compare it to the one I took Friday morning. There was a difference but I can't remember when they would have made a 2nd pass. I never heard them. They spent most of the day with a Case mechanic working on one of the tractors.

Of course the easiest way I could have known that they did disk again, the position of the tractors. This one is facing the opposite direction than it was yesterday afternoon.

To start the Memorial Day weekend, we were up early but we are off to a very very slow start. Stella didn't move from that spot until I went back inside. The weather can really zap the energy from the hounds .. they sleep most of the time once inside.

It's a very quiet morning here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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