May 15, 2016

A Relaxing Morning With The Hounds

The stainless steel shield was a good idea, otherwise I would not have tried it. I've seen that same design inside barns above fans. I just didn't like the way it looked outside in the open, that could be seen all the time.

Today I feel this same way and am glad I took down the thermometer even after it had been hanging there forever. I was able to take a glance on Weatherbug online to check the temp before our walk ... that's good enough for me. That wall now looks better since the paint dried.

The hounds slept in late this morning after their breakfast ... actually I did which caused them to. Yet they sleep during the same time period every day after eating. After a cup of coffee we headed out for the walk ... wet field and all.

I knew from this pose of Stella she was going to be on her own pace again this morning since I am pretty sure that she will always come running before being left behind. I didn't call her to come in any of these photos.

You have to look close to see her tail.

Her first sprint of the day.

Try to lay your ear on the back of your head like this.

Up near the area where I think the deer hangout, it got real interesting when I saw her cock her head and look with her ears perked up. From the way she was acting I was sure there was possible deer movement in the gully.

She decided to head to her other favorite place. Sadie in the meantime checked out a couple of strong scents along the path we were walking.

This is Sadie if you can't tell the two apart.

This is Stella due to the black on her tail.

Almost home.

I think the wall looks pretty good after the paint dried and the 'nesting' thermometer wasn't around. I am curious if there was ever something in that one space where it looks like it was filled in with a separate piece of plywood or was it another place the Amish pieced something together not to waste any wood? They pieced things together in separate pieces at times throughout the house, inside and outside.

Maybe I'll move out the FJ and once again check out that light and see if I can turn that bottom piece out and install a new light. I can't remember today but I think I have failed trying to do that in the past.

With the Weather Underground showing I have until 2pm Monday before it starts to rain again, I may mow my yard later this afternoon. The back needs it and it's only been a couple of days. I hear a neighbor mowing so that's all the permission I need to mow on Sundays here in the bible belt.

It's cold today yet sunny here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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