May 16, 2016

A Slow Monday

Not a lot took place today. I did more reading about the different camera settings from the link posted earlier today. That took most of my time. Heidi had a some water vinegar applied and while Sadie, Stella and I went for a walk ... Heidi hung outside around the house while we were gone.

I tried different settings on this walk and I CAN tell a difference in the photos. The hounds are in focus and not the surrounding grass or bushes. Also when exporting them from my computer, I send them to a folder on my computer so Blogger can import them from that folder. Otherwise Blogger will not import from the Apple Photo program.

In that process on a drop down menu, I changed the photo quality from "high" to "maximum". I did not make any edits to the sharpness of the photos like I've had to do before. I might be getting close to the quality I remember before.

These hounds don't miss a smell. I'd like to see what kind of animal traffic this field gets at night or the predawn hours.

This is Sadie running for once. Usually all the running photos are from Stella but Sadie can run at a pretty good speed when she wants to.

Today I decided I was going to follow Stella up to the right corner and see what was so interesting to her. The past few days she will not leave this area. It didn't take long to see why she doesn't leave. You will have to look closely at the 2nd photo.

I told her to "come on" and she followed me and Sadie for the rest of the walk.

As we approached the backyard I could see Heidi was over in the side yard ... eating tall grass, where I had let it grow out a little bit on the bank. So that is all three hounds that enjoyed eating grass today.

Now ... back to more reading here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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