May 15, 2016

Heidi Continues To Improve

I still don't want to show any detailed photos of Heidi for another few weeks to compare to the starting point just last Tuesday, the 10th. I wanted to post this photo to prove she is still alive and active. You can see if you look closely her paws have really healed up on the tops and back of her legs. The rear hocks are not as red and are very soft. I see where old skin has flaked off and new healthy skin has replaced some spots.

Early in the afternoon the hounds didn't want to move out of the yard but they were really excited about the word "ride". We drove out about ten miles and came back home. Heidi acted as if she was car sick, Stella whined and Stella laid down. No photos of where we went since the road was up and down with hills, blind curves and narrow roads.

With their reaction we came back and slept the afternoon off, getting enough rest to mow the yard for the 3rd time in 6 days. I am seeing signs of the front yard starting to grow slower. I am hoping to wait a week before I have to mow again but the rain will be a factor in determining that.

Not until a year or so after I bought the Yews and had the holes dug by the local landscape business owner, did he tell me that he didn't think they had a chance to grow in the type of clay dirt I have surrounding my house. As you can see they have a lot of new growth this spring. Last year I trimmed them with electric clippers but this year I will do them by hand.

I don't want them much higher than they are now. That would make them even across the front of the house, with the top edge just below the edge of the living room windows. I saw on "this old house", trimming them by hand will make them grow thicker inside. The one between the satellite dishes is suppose to grow taller.

My test weed/flower is still standing but I am not sure for how much longer.

That's about all I have for tonight. It was a pretty lazy Sunday. I did try to fix the light in the carport. After I started working on it I remembered what the deal was. That extension was put in before I arrived and did work for many years. It must have gone bad because I cannot even get a new light bulb to work in it. When I screwed the new bulb into the fixture itself, the inside was too small for the bulb to fit. I'll get a different bulb and see if that works.

It's hard to believe that May is half over.

It's pretty quiet in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana tonight ... not much to blog about.

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