May 17, 2016

Another Day of Rain

The farmer knew the weather that was coming when he got his field planted yesterday. It was just in time for the light rain that started last night and never stopped. I was also glad to get the yard mowed on Sunday, in between rains.

It was a slow day here in 'the tropics' with a light rain most of the day. It's these kind of days where the hounds hibernate and there isn't much to blog about.

Heidi hibernates, Sadie sleeps and Stella is back to chewing her Nylabone that had been missing. I noticed the other day that Sadie was storing all the balls and bones between the wall and her dog bed. When I pulled her bed up there were 5 more bones hidden under the center of her bed.

Stella was happy to get her nylabone back. She grabbed it and took off running to her spot on the floor to start her chewing exercise. Sadie at times falls into those "bloodhound property laws" that are listed on the sidebar named "Too Many Topics" ... all the water, all the bones and all the balls are hers.

Not much went on today. I did a lot of reading about Heidi's skin, hyperthyroidism as a possibility for her weight loss last year, and the normal sports news. Heidi had come to a point of needing a bath so we took care of that this afternoon. I noticed a lot of her skin was dried out, a little rough ... so I am not sure if that is the skin infected with yeast being killed or her response to water/vinegar.

Every time we went outside today, there was a light rain ... so the bloodhounds didn't do much more than the photo shows.

Warmer temps and sunshine are in the forecast for 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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