May 20, 2016

It Was Wet But We Walked Anyway

When we went outside I didn't feel any rain although cars passing the house had their wipers on. I didn't think it would be anything more than a little time outside for them to snoop around the backyard and for me to take some photos.

It looked bad toward the west but the radar showed most of the rain was south of us and it had been looking that way most of the day anyway. After a couple of minutes I told Sadie and Stella "lets go" and headed out. My shoes and socks are in the drier (huge embarrassment) dryer as I type this ...

I decided for this afternoons photos I wouldn't do any kind of editing at all. I glanced through all of them but didn't crop, sharpen or enhance with more color ... I went with what the camera caught.

This is NE as we walk toward the first corner. I won't know how to walk once they cut this field in a couple of months. I'm thinking the hounds probably like moving through the tall grass more than they do a field that is cut at ground level.

I let Stella go today ... her pace ... whatever she wanted to do.

By they way there were both acting I was sure we would see one of those large birds (turkey's??) take off from ground level and gain altitude, even some small birds that might be nesting on the ground ... but there was nothing but a lot of scents for them.

I don't recall ever seeing the gully so overgrown and green as this year.

Stella was all over the place today going from one scent to another. Plus she didn't want Sadie to find something if it didn't include her.

I caught Sadie chowing down on something as fast as she could and before Stella came over to meet her. I am not sure what it was because I turned my head so I would not have to see it ... it must have been good as she is licking her lips as she ran to catch up to me.

Stella was back in her favorite spot today and stayed there even after Sadie and I had made the turn to go home. I called her name a few times and she would look up at me, then keep looking around. Finally she decided she might want to catch up with us.

It did not rain, didn't drizzle but my feet/shoes were soaked and so were their stomachs and ears ... still it was a great afternoon walk.

I just checked Heidi's skin a few minutes before posting this and also rubbed on more water vinegar mixture. It does look better today, less red and more skin has started to dry out and start to flake off when she itches. I will not skip a day again that's for sure. It makes a big difference to keep rubbing the mixture on her a few times per day.

The call from the Toyota salesman last Monday kind of got me thinking of trading the Mini Cooper again. Even though for the past couple of years I've lost the urge to buy anything different. I looked through different dealerships locally and on but didn't find anything I really wanted.

My friend has a very nice 2003 Z4, 6-speed manual on his car lot this week. It has low miles and a good price. I doubt it will last long but it was tempting to call him to hold it for me and then trade in the Mini Cooper and go back to a Z4 ... they are fun to drive.

By last night I had not found anything on my internet searches that I wanted to trade for. Even with my short trip to town this morning to buy dog food, I felt like keeping what I had. It drives great and is fast when I want it to be. The feed store is a place the local old farmers hang out, especially on bad weather days ... putting that 40# of dog food in my Mini Cooper trunk was their humor for the day. It looks pretty small parked among all of their pickup trucks.

The bloodhounds are snoring so it's all good in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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