May 12, 2016

Please Stop Raining

Today has had the feel of rain to it but the radar didn't show anything until late this afternoon. Could be a short rain shower and then three of the next four days will be sunny, based on the 10-day forecast.

With weather like that, not much is done except a lot of reading on the internet or my current book. All of the hounds sleep most of the time without wanting to go outside. I guess we need days like this to make up for the months of June, July and August.

After the strong winds last night this was the only sign of any damage and it's not really damage. A few green leaves were blown off the trees but didn't find anything else. My Exede Satellite Internet signal stayed strong throughout the storm.

After lunch the hounds wanted to check to see if there was any chance for a walk. Stella didn't get much further than the carport ... until Sadie touched noses and then led her to the field.

They were ready for the walk but the ground was still too saturated. I had to talk them into coming back inside and wait a few hours. This all seems to be pretty boring to me to blog about. It is the fast paced life we lead here in 'the tropics' ... not much changes from day to day. I think they have scared all of the deer away for the rest of the summer.

I know it's way to early to judge whether the new mix of water/vinegar is working but Heidi's skin looks as good mid-day as it does first thing in the morning. That is usually not the case. I have noticed she had spent a lot less time itching last night and today.

The tops of her paws looked really good this morning. Normal skin color was still hanging in there late this afternoon. Usually that skin has turned red by late afternoon. I have put the mixture in a spray bottle that has a mist setting and that seems to work better than me dipping cotton balls into the mixture and spreading it that way.

I have also noticed some skin has been shedding from her chest and stomach. I remember last year the vet said not to expect any hair to grow back on her paws, rear legs or the rear hocks ... so I am happy there is signs of hair growth.

By mid-afternoon I wanted to get the hounds walked before the rain was to show up. It was wet, too wet but we took off anyway. I was sure I felt some drops of rain when I started but we were able to finish the walk without any kind of rain.

They both acted like there was something to chase today, active. Luckily nothing jumped out of the woods and they stayed pretty close to me most of the walk. Stella always likes to see if I will let her escape to her 'no fly zone' but always comes back when I call her.

You can't get ears on bloodhounds much straighter than that!!  LOL

It's even hard for me to tell them apart in the photos. I thought a new collar would make a difference a few months ago but it's too close to the faded red collar that Sadie wears. Stella has the black on her tail.

Sadie decided that she would be the one to hang back a little toward the end of the walk, so she could sprint home. That is good for her weight reduction program.

That's about all today from 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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