May 18, 2016

Sadie Finds The New Bird Nest

It didn't take the hounds long to find out today's weather was going to be different today and their temporary confinement inside was going to end ... no rain for six more days, IF that forecast holds.

Without my thermometer not hanging on the wall, I took an early morning glance online at WeatherUnderground to see what the temp was outside a little after 7am. That is when I saw the lack of rain forecasted for the next week. It was still sweatshirt and shorts weather but still much nicer than hearing rain for another day.

Slight interruption ... there is a surprise photo below.

With that change, the hounds did their first quick trip outside and back waiting at the door for their breakfast. While they are outside I am pouring kibble inside. Now they go right back outside after eating for a searching mission, one they use to do first thing in the morning. A few months back, once they found out they were getting two meals per day ... they changed their routine to eat the fastest way possible. All three of them love to eat.

After I stepped back inside to pour a cup of coffee, the hounds had more than a few minutes to disappear. I was happy to come outside to see both of them still around and in their field searching mode. Although it was in a different area than their normal patrol.

After the time when Stella took off in the direction behind her in this photo, over to a drainage ditch that is between my neighbor's yard and the field between us ... I am always leery when she is on that side of the yard ... but she came when called today with no problem.

I wonder if there is any 4-leaf clover in my yard?

A little after 9am, After their short nap of an hour or so, they both came to get me and drink the last of their water which sits besides my computer desk. They were wanting to go outside again. With the sun trying to come out, but still wet grounds ... no walk was taken yet but they had time to search their yard. Sadie found something surprising and I may have not noticed it until she sat below it with her nose pointing upward.

I'm not sure I would have caught 'the surprise' if I had not seen Sadie sitting beside me and staring up at the new bird nest. Yes, the birds have been busy and quite determined, since I took down the carport thermometer on Sunday. They tried the the corner ledge in the carport but it was too small for their nest to stick.

It looks like they decided to move outside under the overhang. I'll have more photos about what goes on there. When you think about it, that is just an amazing amount of work building that nest. This is a place I don't mind having a bird nest.

Stella in the meantime is not into bird chasing or watching like Sadie is ... she continued to collect data on scents on top and underneath 'her' yard.

Stella is checking to see if the field is still too wet to venture out into and possibly requesting a walk.

That's Sadie's "look", asking me if we can go for a walk now. Due to the saturated ground and wet grass, the first walk may not happen until after their lunch today. I need some sunshine to dry out the muddy grounds in the field.

Stella continues her yard exploration and data collection all the way back to the house.

Heidi had an afternoon bath yesterday with the shampoo. It cleaned her skin up really well and by last night the skin below her ears and down her neck was soft and I could see healing taking place. Her other red spots were also soft, supple and she showed no pain when I touched them.

The water and vinegar applications seem to be working.

I keep catching myself glancing up where the thermometer was for the 19 years that I've lived here. It was installed before I moved into this house. How long? I'm not sure. I decided this morning, for a day or two, I'd prop it up over by my trash can. The trash can upside down is the one  I use to collect leaves, sticks or anything else when cleaning the yard. The five gallon bucket seemed like the perfect holder for the thermometer.

Over the next few days am going to decide if I want to hang the thermometer on the wall it is now sitting in front of. I am thinking during nest building seasons (like now) I could take it down and sit it like this. Then during the "off season" it could hang on the wall, which is just left of the shed where it was before.

The hounds are back to their normal sleep time until they eat lunch. I don't have a lot planned today except to spend time outside, even if it's doing nothing but sitting in a chair. The grass is cut, the driveway weeds are under control with my regular use of the weed eater on them.

I am going to have to pull out the debit card to get some cash ... I need to air the tires up on my Mini Cooper. Sound strange? Well the oldest gas station in town (over 50 years old), closed recently and I no longer have a place to get "free air" to air my tires up. All the other local gas stations have air machines that want a lot of my quarters. I can't say I am happy about that.

Yet, with the change in the weather, all is good in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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