May 08, 2016

The Hounds Fit In a Walk

When I wrote that earlier post this afternoon I thought the day was over and most outside activity was done. I'd be spending the rest of the day looking at different blog templates and playing around with them, while the Reds baseball game was on in the background.

Sadie had other ideas and as usual she got her way. The ground had dried out more than I thought it would be although my feet were wet most of the walk. I could tell from the start that Stella's nose was wired for sound today.

Of course that meant she was on her own schedule. When I didn't see her when I took the 2nd photo I figured she had gone into the woods and over the steep bank for the first time ever. That would not be a good idea for her.

About the time I was planning on seeing her much later, smelly from the mud and it going up her legs to her stomach ... that is how wet the bottom of that gully is ... I was saved by the bell, she came into view running fast.

She did a fly-bye with Sadie and they both took off. I guess that is what a morning of cabin fever does to them. High energy, where their noses and ears are working overtime.

I would say this area off to the right corner is where the deer spend a lot of time but I don't see a lot of mashed down hay where they would lay. There is something from scent that drive these two bloodhounds crazy when they get there.

Sadie is double checking to see if I see them. Or she may be trying to find out if I am yelling for them. Not today ... I keep walking without calling them.

Stella going from one place to another and is almost obsessed today with her nose to the ground.

She didn't want to leave but finally made the turn to come home. Once her feet hit the yard she didn't come straight to the house like she usually does ... she had some other smells to check out.

Sniffing all the way to the door.

NexGard continues to work well, especially today. I could not find one tick on either of them but pulled 6 off of me from my neck and legs within 10 minutes of sitting down at my desk. I wonder of those beef flavored chews taste good ... maybe I should be the one taking them.  j/k

The sun finally came out in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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